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The Pride of Pleasure Ridge Park 


Wind Ensemble

The Wind Ensemble is the premier performing ensemble at PRP. This band also performs 5-6 concerts per year along with the Symphonic Band. This group participates in the KMEA concert band assessment performing grades 4, 5 and 6 level literature. Membership in this group is through promotion by the director from the symphonic band or through audition. Entering Freshmen can audition for this group in early spring of their 8th grade year. All brass and woodwind members of the Ridge Regiment marching band are in the Wind Ensemble class. 

Symphonic Band

The Symphonic Band is one of two concert bands at PRP. This group performs 5-6 concerts per year including a fall / halloween concert, winter concert, festival concert, spring concert and a pops / novelty concert. This group also participates in the KMEA concert band assessment performing grades 3,4 and 5 level literature. Membership in this group requires successful completion of middle school band or through director recommendation. Most incoming freshmen are placed in this performing ensemble

Marching Band

General Info

The PRP marching band is one of the most well recognized and fun groups in the PRP band program. The marching band performs at all home football games, local and regional parades and other various perfoming venues. This groups performs popular style music and enhances the music with movement and choreography.


All members of the PRP Band are HIGHLY encouraged to participate in this group! It is a great honor to be part of the Ridge Regiment Marching Band, so therefore students who are members of this group must maintain a high level of dedication and work ethic. 

Band Camp

Marching band begins at the end of the school year with a series of spring training practices. New marchers are taught marching fundamentals and all members work on the next seasons music. 3 weeks prior to school beginning, we have band camp. During this time, we practice marching fundamentals, choreography and music. We also have team building activities to help with improving our performances. These are not only two weeks of learning, but two weeks of camaraderie and collaboration of all band team members. Most members say band camp is one of the best parts of marching band. New members find band camp helpful also because it gives them a chance to learn our campus before school starts.  

Marching Season

All students are given calendars in the spring outlining their entire marching season and band camp. So, you will know dates and times of practices, ball games, competitions, fund raiser, etc. way in advance! Attendance is vital to the success of the group. Be sure to read the attendance requirements when you get your handbook at camp!

During marching season, parent / guardian help is essential!!! It takes a village to move this band to competitions and at ball games. Don't worry if you've never done it. We have free on the job training!!!


Percussion students will either be part of our drum line or our front ensemble (or Pit Percussion). Drum Line includes Bass Drum, Snare drum, tenor drums and sometimes cymbals. Front ensemble includes all mallet instruments (bells, xylophone, vibes, marimba), piano, drum set, timpani, and other percussion instruments. In addition to our percussion students, wind members are sometimes allowed to participate in percussion for marching band. This is especially true for students who are physically unable to march or who play non-marching instruments. 

Color Guard

The color guard is comprised of members of our band and students from the general student body who successfully audition. This groups demonstrates visual interpretation of the musical production through dance, body work, and work with equipment such as flags and rifles. Because of the unique nature of this group, they will also practice after school one extra day a week.

Marching Band DUES

Each student is responsible for marching DUES. The total amount for this DUES ARE currently $200.00. This DUE can be paid in payments through the band boosters. This is covered during our spring training meetings.

Panther Pep Band

The Panther Pep Band performs is a musical support group for our athletic teams. The pep band performs at all home basketball games and travels to regional and state tournaments when our teams advance. All members of the PRP Band participate in pep band.